DCSP Issue 10- The Future Apocalypse

This week on the DC Superpowers Podcast, your junior superfriends cover a little bit of Arrow season 5 news. Talk Batman: The Killing Joke, a new director for the Flash movie and the Batman V Superman: The Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition Release.

Then we review “Scooby Doo: Apocalypse” and “Future Quest”

We then move on to this week’s Rebirth titles.

And take our weekly trip to the “Comic Shop”

All this and more on this week issue of DCSP

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DCSP Issue 9: The Rebirth of a Legacy

Hey Superfriends!

This week was a HUGE week for both the television and comics side of DC. We saw the season finales of Gotham, Arrow and Flash. We also got the DC Rebirth Special #1 and the return of a beloved character to the DC universe.

This week we also got the debut of the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: Injustice Edition. Dan Abnett signs an exclusive deal. DC announces a new music project “The Music of DC Comics: Volume 2” and we discuss the success of Hannah Barbera Beyond so far.

All this and a trip to the Comic Shop for this week s pull list.

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DCSP Issue 8 Legendary

Hello Superfriends

This week on DCSP we are joined by Bart Sullivan and Victoria Rose from geekwatchone.com.

They help us look at the new DC logo and give their opinion on Geoff Johns and Jon Berg being given control of the DC cinematic universe.

We then talk all things Gotham, Flash, and Arrow. Then we move on to our recap of the season finale of Legends of Tomorrow and discuss what we liked and disliked about the season as a whole.

Then , of course, we take our weekly trip to the Comic Shop.

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DCSP Issue 7-Good Bye to a Legend

This week on DCSP we say good-bye to a Legends/Flash character and to a real life DC legend.

In DCTV news:

We talk Gotham, Flash, Arrow, and say good-bye to Captain Cold on Legends of Tomorrow. Also Supergirl got renewed and we look ahead to 2 new shows Powerless and Krypton.

In DC Cinematic news:

Greg Berlanti has advice for the new Flash director

In DC Collectables:

We take a look at the new Suicide Squad Collectors Core box from Funko

In DC Comics news:

DC is taking submissions for their new talent writers workshop. All the info is at


Then after our weekly trip to the comic shop, Mike from “We Be Geeks” and Mighty Marvel Geeks” stops by with some sad news that DC Legend Darwyn Cooke has Pass after a fight with an aggressive form of cancer. We here at DC Superpowers Podcast would like to pass along our condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Cooke.

DCSP Issue 6 Junior Justice Leaguers

This week on DC Superpowers Podcast, we explain what happened last week and why there was no show. We also bring all the news that you expect from them.

In TV News: We talk Gotham, Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. And we cover some possible money saving options that may be used to get Supergirl a second season.

In Movie News: Ben Affleck has been made an executive producer on the Justice League.

In Collectables: We are getting a new Arkham Knight Nightwing figure from Play Arts and Sideshow is releasing new statues of Batman and Catwoman from the Batman ’66 line.

In Comics News: Joshua Williamson has signed an exclusive deal with DC and will be writing The Flash from Rebirth on as well as a new 6 issue mini-series for Vertigo called “Frostbite”.

Then we wrap it all up with our weekly trip to the Comic Shop.

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