DCSP Issue 5 Goodbye Supergirl…For Now

In this weeks issue we cover the season finale of Supergirl and speculate on what is to come in season 2, if we get one. We also cover Gotham, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and (surprise, surprise) there is some Krypton news in TV.

In DC Cinematic news, we have rumors from Green Lantern Corps and The Flash. Also JK Simmons talks Commissioner Gordon.

In Comics news, there is a major shake up in the editorial structure at Vertigo and DC announces a new ebook deal with Trajectory.

In DC Collectables the Nov solicits are out and there is some really sweet merch coming our way.

Then we wrap it all up with our weekly trip to the comic shop to get our pull lists.

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DCSP Issue 3–The Final Cry of the Canary

It is issue 3 of DCSP. This week we talk IZombie, Legends of Tomorrow and say good-bye to the Black Canary on Arrow. In cinematic news we talk Suicide Squad and DC movie release dates. Then into Comics, we finish our recap of the DC Rebirth panel from Wondercon. Talk Flintstones, and find out about the new DC Young Animal imprint. And last we take our weekly trip to the comic shop.