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Issue 4 DCSP vs The Teen League

This week Ken and Vernon got to sit down with the newly released “JLA vs the Teen Titans”. They also cover Supergirl, Gotham, IZombie and Legends of Tomorrow in TV News. In Movie news they talk some “Killing Joke” and Lego. Also some follow-up news about “Suicide Squad” reshoots. Then it is off to cover 2 DC panels at Emerald City Comic Con and of course we end the show at the comic shop with our pull list for 4/20.

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DCSP Issue 3–The Final Cry of the Canary

It is issue 3 of DCSP. This week we talk IZombie, Legends of Tomorrow and say good-bye to the Black Canary on Arrow. In cinematic news we talk Suicide Squad and DC movie release dates. Then into Comics, we finish our recap of the DC Rebirth panel from Wondercon. Talk Flintstones, and find out about the new DC Young Animal imprint. And last we take our weekly trip to the comic shop.

DCSP Issue 2–Here She Comes

This week Ken and Vernon cover:

DC movies news:

Zack Snyder talks Robin and JL villain

Ben Affleck Batman script?

Suicide Squad reshoots

Vernon’s DC collectables corner:

New Suicide Squad statues, Arkham Knight figures, and Batman The Animated Series figures.

Oh Ya! And have you Seen DC Bombshells?

DC Comics news:

Wondercon Rebirth panel coverage Part 1

Dan Jurgens returns to Action and what that means

The NEW Hanna Barbera comics. It’s not just for the kids anymore.

The Pull List for 4/6:

Bloodlines #1, Green Lantern #51, Superman: The Coming of the Supermen #3, New Suicide Squad #19, Green Arrow #51, Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year 5 #7

Wrap up BVS from last week


Thanks for listening. Here are the links for the Hanna Barbera and Bombshell galleries.




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