DC Superpowers Podcast – Issue 89

Your Dynamic Duo of Junior Justice Leaguers have returned with issue 89. This week we take a look at the premier of Black Lightning and all of the news, reviews and previews from all across the multiverse.

We start off this week looking at the mid season premiers of Supergirl, The Flash, and Arrow.  We also have news that Kid Flash is joining the cast of Legends of tomorrow.

Then we discuss the premier of Black Lightning.

Next in movie news, the rumors are running wild about Ben Affleck possibly leaving the role of Batman. The Suicide Squad: Heel to pay trailer is out and it will be the second DC animated film to have an R rating. According to the rumor mill WB is working on a Birds of Prey movie. We have new casting news for Shazam and Mark Strong is talking about playing Dr. Sivana.

In comics news, Superman’s red trunks are returning in Action #1000 and Deathstroke vs Batman is coming in April.

And lastly we take our weekly trip to the comic shop for our Pull list for Jan 24, 2018

  1. Action Comics #996
  2. Batgirl #19
  3. Batman Beyond #16
  4. Blue Beetle #17
  5. Detective Comics #973
  6. Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps. #37
  7. Justice League of America #23
  8. Suicide squad #34
  9. Teen Titans #16
  10. The Flash #39
  11. Hellblazer #18
  12. Wonder Woman #39
  13. Doomsday Clock #3