DC Superpowers Podcast – Issue 88

Your Dynamic Duo of Junior Justice Leaguers have returned with isssue 88 of the DC Superpowers Podcast.This week we start by looking at this weekend’s “DC in DC” event. Then in TV news, Colton Haynes has shared a BTS pic from Arrow, Sarah Douglas from Superman and Superman II is coming to Supergirl, and the Constantine animated show is going to be “darker” than the live-action show.

In movie news, Wonder Woman and Gal Gadot both took home a Critics Choice Award. Geoff Johns is continuing in the role of Co-Head of DC Films and WB is streamlining the way it handles the running of the DC films division.

Next in comic news, we finally know what Brian Michael Bendis’ first job at DC will be. John Ridley’s new book will explore the “Other History of the DC Universe.” Tom King is bringing a “Sanctuary” to the DC Universe to help the  heroes deal with PTSD. Dark Nights: Rising: The Wild Hunt has added Porter and Jimenez to it’s all-star roster of writers and artists.

And then we review the first 4 parts of the “Super Sons of Tomorrow” stories:

  1. Superman #37 “Super Sons of Tomorrow” Part 1
  2. Super Sons #11 “Super Sons of Tomorrow” Part 2
  3. Teen Titans #15 “Super Sons of Tomorrow” Part 3
  4. Superman #38 “Super Sons of Tomorrow” Part 4

We finish with our weekly trip to the comic shop for Jan 17, 2018

  1. Aquaman #32
  2. Batman #39
  3. Batwoman #11
  4. Green Lanterns #39
  5. Harley Quinn #35
  6. Justice League #37
  7. Super Sons #12
  8. Trinity #17
  9. Nightwing #37
  10. Superman #39
  11. Damage #1