The New Talent Showcase 2017 Review

New Talent Showcase 2017 Issue Number 1 is packed with exciting stories from the new artists and writers of DC Comics. The new school, I like to call them, once again delivered us several great stories just in time for the new year. This 76 page comic is filled with fan favorites such Red Hood, The Suicide Squad, Doctor Fate and more.

The first story is titled “Role Call” starring Red Hood and Duke. In a training session controlled by Catwoman the two must work together and grow stronger if they want to survive this deadly simulation. It also seems that the engagement between Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne has led her to making herself comfy in the Belfry.

The second story called “To the Hilt” is a story that takes us on a mission with the Suicide Squad but the main focus is Katana and more importantly the soul stealer sword. In this particular mishap we find out just how far Katana will go to get her sword back from a dastardly foe.

The next story titled “What We Talk About When We Talk About Family” is about, well, family. On an assignment with Nightwing as he battles Count Vertigo, this journey is about the meaning of family and just how important they can be. We also get to see appearances from Robin, Red Robin, Batgirl and Batwoman.

The fourth tale, “Silent Screams”, gives us an insight into what Poison Ivy does when she’s not causing havoc in Gotham. This is a different take on the character, one that we don’t see enough of. I would not call her a hero but an anti-hero. She is on a quest to find an accent evil creature named Nahemah and must defeat it before it drains the life out of the plants in the area..

The fifth story titled “Mercy” is a mission for Deadshot ,of course, Amanda Waller is in his ear the whole time. This showcases the deep parts of Floyd Lawton’s psyche as he is on a mission to take down Bryenko, a mad scientist who experiments on his victim’s brains in an attempt to create a “hive mind”. Deadshot has no problem shooting anyone who gets in his way but what if one of those test subjects is his dead brother or at least he thought he was dead. Can Deadshot kill his brother again to stop the mad scientist or will he put family first?

The second to last story is “The Cost of Magic”. Doctor Fate must use his magic to battle a misunderstood foe but this is also costing him his humanity. Will the God Nabu help him keep his humanity while simultaneously battling this Hell spawn?

The last part of the showcase is a bonus titled “The Archive”. Showing us an insight on how Wonder Woman had to learn and understand that people in this word have a hard time accepting the truth. This is why when DC Comics fans discuss the importance and the impact of the Greek Goddess Diana Prince will always be the Truth of the Trinity and the Justice League.

The new talent has knocked it out the park once again. Each story within the book was fantastic. The writers and artist really know how to project creativity throughout the pages. There was not one dull moment from the beginning to the end, each tale kept my interest. I really took enjoyment in the “Mercy” story because the writers took the opportunity to go into Deadshot’s past and use his brother, that we all knew to be dead. That’s what fuels him to learn how to use a gun to the best of his ability. The fact that the creative team focused their creativity on that detail of his past and were able to write a brand new story from that is astonishing. Even characters traditionally known as villains were given the time to show that villains can be heroes sometimes, even if they don’t mean to. This is definitely in my top ten from what DC Comics have published this year.